why casinos stay in business?

Casino Gambling – The Inside Track

Hello! I’m John Batya and I am an experienced expert Roulette as well as Black Jack player. I work at the casino, and I am struck by that a lot of people have no clue about what they’re doing when placing their money at risk. Therefore, I witness people who lose their money without justification.

I am a bit annoyed to witness this happening so frequently and have made the decision to share some of my effective Betting Strategies that I use. Remember, casinos are there to collect your money in a safe method: They offer free drinks, shows for free and often free meals, free travel, and various other bonuses. Because it’s a free society, there’s no reason to be against it. However, it is fair for you to go to the casino with a little knowledge regarding how to protect yourself.

If you are a gambler it is important to have an “must win” attitude. Gambling is a serious enterprise that requires it is a real Money can be involved. If people claim that they play solely for fun it is not true!

I have listed a variety of Betting Strategies that you can pick from. These strategies have been utilized by some of the top professionals in the industry. They can help get you going. It is time to begin to play with your own ideas and create your own strategy for the game you like best. Begin by learning the fundamental concepts and then adding your personal flair for creativity.

This information is intended to be used for:

1.) Amateurs who go to the Casino to have fun.

Fun in the sense of: Enjoy the show, get no cost drinks, and have lost very little or nothing when leaving the casino. Why not have a good time? Good enjoyment as in: All of the above, and leaving the casino with more cash in your pockets than when you went in. My goal is to ensure that you have a good Fun at the casino.

2.) Professionals who wish to create 500 units per session.

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A site where, for a small fee*, you can place UFABET bets on cash on the outcome of an exact (unbiased) coin-toss or a series of coin-tosses. In the event that you are successful, you’ll be paid cash.

*(The cost is the amount that casinos charge as a House Edge. The typical range is between 1.35 percent and 18 percent of the amount wagered)


Roulette is an Negative expectation game. It means it is an absolute certainty – in the long run – that it’s impossible to be successful. Roulette is similar to Life itself. In the long run it is certain that we will pass away. In the short-term, however the life is enjoyable!

It’s the same with roulette: In the short term we can make good money however, only if we don’t stay on the table for too long.


The amount of money that you’ve put aside for playing and the amount you are able to be able to afford losing. It could be the sum you have set you will be playing with or the amount you want to bet on a specific table or game, or at the time frame you have set. The larger your bankroll, the higher your chances of winning. (Money is just like ammunition. Do not leave the house with it!) The size of your bankroll is an important aspect. The majority of losers place excessively in relation to their funds. Don’t play with a smaller bankroll than the one I have indicated for every strategy!

Beware: The casino is after your money and will do whatever legally legal to obtain it.


Return-On-Bankroll: Just a different name for Return-On-Investment. An essential element of gambling because the majority of losses happen after being in the black for a time or another: Players get caught up in their short-term results, and the greed takes over and they decide to throw everything to the side. They leave the casino at an unprofitable balance, despite having made a profit in the evening. Sounds familiar?

ROB will always be expressed in percentage and is measured in dollars. The lower the percentage of ROB that you have set, the higher chances of being successful. Follow your pre-determined ROB If you are looking to rob the casino!


“Life involves managing expectations’ (Jean Bateau)

If you are going to a casino it is essential to make an outline: There should be a set of expectations, and every person has their own expectations.

If the goal is to increase the bankroll by 20 and then the odds of success are much lower than the chance to borrow 20%. The odds to ROB 20 percent are 87%, whereas the odds of an ROBBING 100 percent are 9 percent. (Versus loss of your bankroll)

I will present to you a list with Betting Strategies that can help you meet your specific goals.

I have rated them as Very Aggressive aggressive, moderately aggressive, conservative and fun. They are Progressive betting strategies, in which bets are increased by your personal funds. They are risky methods, and there is no guarantee you’ll always win. It is important to realize that the chance of having a bad streak is likely to happen and just like an occasional streak of luck is likely to happen. It is possible to incorporate your security mechanisms into every strategy to ensure your comfort. This is accomplished by limiting the amount of time that you are comfortable.

Important note: For all strategies suggested: Don’t spend too much time at one table. When you do this, no person will be aware of the strategy you’re using. Don’t make more than USD 1000 or equivalent per table because this could make the Casino aware and make you the center of focus, which is exactly what you don’t want to happen.

Very Aggressive:

A lot of action! Concentration is required. Alcohol is not permitted. Adrenaline-rushes.


A good amount of activity! Very little concentration is required after practice. Alcohol is permitted. Adrenaline-rushes.

Mildly Aggressive:

It is easy to track without having too excessive concentration! Alcohol is allowed. There are fewer adrenaline rushes.


A lot of action! Concentration is required. Alcohol is permitted. A few adrenaline rushes are permitted. These strategies are intended to keep you playing for a long time, with no any major harm and perhaps some good profits.


It is possible to earn cash. There’s plenty of action, and often you make chips. Make sure to play only when the drinks are complimentary and the drinks are free! You’ll have a great time in the casino without huge losses or huge profit.


Calculate your balance (i.e. the maximum amount you can lose) and ensure that you do not lose more than the amount. If your bank account is wiped out Take a walk! Come back later.

Set your profit-objective , and when you have reached it, WALK! Then come back the next day.

You can play one-zero tables using the surrender option or “en prison” rules whenever you can. (Normally all over Western Europe and hard to locate within the Americas).

A few things that you must know about roulette-mathematics:

It’s an absolute CERTAINTY that bets on outside odds will be even. This means that after million instances, it will come an instance when black and red have come up exactly the same number of times. However, the timing is indefinite, which means that this information is useless, since we only consider the short-term.

It’s also an CERTAINTY that, if Bob and Fred flip a coin that is unbiased and either Bob or Fred will win within the first 100 flips. Also, it is an CERTAINTY that in just 5percent of the cases either one will be ahead of the other in the near future. That means you need to be attentive to recent data to determine which bets to make. If red has been mentioned significantly higher than black, it’s reasonable to assume that black won’t come up significantly times more frequently than red in the near future. This is a crucial fact, since the majority of people tend to place bets upon “regression to the mean” and are likely to believe that black and red will be a similar amount of times in the short-term. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. If you know this, you’ll be able to make a mistake in your choice of color (or the betting area) just 5percent of the time The Casino is not aware of this! The Casino doesn’t know this, and, fortunately for Casinos, the majority of players are unaware of this mystery. This is particularly beneficial when using the d’Alembert as well as Parlay gambling strategies.


Luck is a key factor in the casino. The strategies described on this site do not require luck, but Lady Luck is always welcome.

The strategies for betting I have discussed require an absence of luck. The only way to lose is if you are a victim of bad luck. Because you typically play only one side There are four options:

1.) You may have luck (profitable to you)

2.) Table is well-balanced (profitable to you)

3.) You’ve had some negative fortune (still profitable for you)

4.) You are having bad luck (You lose)

It is difficult to identify luck-related problems until it’s happened. In the same way, you won’t be aware that you’re having luck until it is manifested.

My friends, this is why casinos stay in business!

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