Braun Electric shavers – For Various Users

Braun electric shavers are unquestionably high quality products that have stood the test of time. Braun electric shavers have been around for almost 60 years and have undergone numerous product developments to give its users the perfect shave. Braun used to be a subsidiary of the Gillette Company until Gillette was bought in 2005 by Procter & Gamble. The acquisition of Braun by P&G definitely helps in its efforts to continuously improve its current electric shaver line by investing in research. New and improved products are continuously being tested to be able to meet the various needs of different users.

Braun has a line of electric shavers that caters to users with different needs. For example, there are users who shave more often while there are those who shave once in awhile Electric Razor. There are also those who have more contoured face structures while some have very rough facial structures. Users also have different hair types and different hair growth patterns. Some have thin hair while some have stubborn, hard to manage hair. Given all these differences, there is a Braun electric shaver out there made especially for you. They have a vast line of products to choose from and below are a few of their products that have earned great reviews.

For users who shave irregularly, the Braun Series 5 (8995) Men’s shaver is the best for you. It can do heavy duty jobs of getting rid of that long hair overgrowth and at the same time also give you a clean shave of short stubble. This series also helps get rid of hair growth lying flat to the skin. With this shaver, you don’t need to press firmly or go over the same area twice. This is also a great buy since its battery lasts up to 50 minutes and is rechargeable.

For users who are frustrated with having to re-do the same area over and over again with their current shaver, the Braun Series 5 (8985) is the best one for you. This series takes care of the hair other shavers can’t remove. It cuts hair close to the surface for a clean, smooth shave. What’s unique about this series is that it can grab hold of hair growing in different directions. As with the Braun Series 5 (8995), its battery time is also 50 minutes and is rechargeable.

For users who have very rough facial structures, it is very hard to maneuver usual shavers. But with the Braun Series 7-760cc, you won’t have to dread shaving again. This series is a one of a kind model as it combines features of the other models mentioned above with an additional feature of a pivoting shaver head. Although most models already have pivoting heads, this model gives you twice the angle, which translates to better flexibility. Braun Series 7 refers to a premier men’s shaver that has recently been given very high marks. This shaver’s 760cc model was previously known as the Braun Pulsonic, and it employs a trick that is unusual. It has a foil head that vibrates in a lateral fashion. This produces an effect that is pulsating, and it makes the person using the shaver have ripple skin. This causes his hairs to stick out straighter.

While the shaver is said to be a king among all shavers, the 760cc is not much of an improvement over the series 7 razor that preceded it. It does produce a shave the is smooth and not very painful. It can nonetheless not cut hairs as close as a manual razor can.

Those who use the Series 7 razors and post online reviews are primarily upbeat about the shavers. One of the primary criticisms is the cost associated with the cleaning system. At a price of seventeen dollars for three refill cartridges, it is expensive to replace razors associated with the shaver on a monthly basis. The 760cc is the most simple of the Series 7 line.

While the 760cc model is not as elaborate as some of its more expensive Series 7 counterparts, it nonetheless delivers the same quality of shaving as the, for instance, 790cc model. The 790cc shaver is expensive at two hundred and eighty dollars. The 760cc shaver retails for closer to two hundred dollars, with the actual price varying depending on where the item is purchased.

It should be noted that the only main difference between the 760cc and 790cc models is that the 790 one has a self cleaning feature on it. With the mere touch of a button, the shaver is cleaned and dried. It thus feels like a man is using a new shaver after the cleaning system does its job.

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