A Message From Your New Governor – That Speech in Full – Part Two

As you probably are aware, a lot of brave deception and control, also medicating, went into restoring the Empire alongside a lot of human penance, which I am certain the penances would have been very much satisfied to make, had they been given a decision.

It has been brought up to me that, sadly, domains – or for sure human penance – are troublesome on the off chance that certainly feasible gigs to pull off assuming you stick around hanging tight for consent since there is generally the risk that you will not get it. While the willing selflessness of huge quantities of individuals would be advantageous, one would be innocent without a doubt to anticipate it based on what is, can we just be real, a riffraff persuaded generally by personal responsibility. We should hesitantly acknowledge the way that the commitment of most of individuals to the incredible plans thought up by the splendid personalities of the Hiddum Agendum must of need be restricted to the job of casualty.

Those favored by the divine beings should be let be, all things considered, to execute unhindered by the anguished screeches of the rabble and hoipolloi, the undertakings the divine beings have set them, which mostly include the Reductio promotion Subjugatum of those not favored by the divine beings, whose sorry and second rate positions incorporate, all things being equal, nearly everyone. Thus Soporifix, the lord of mass sedation, provided us with the twin gifts of the Televisium and the Media Subserviens.

Extraordinary achievement has subsequently been accomplished in pushing the Pax Neworldorderus on the plebs of all countries and the individuals who have endure can now partake in the solidness and success which that Pax ensures, with counterfeit appendages and antidepressants for all – aside from, obviously, the individuals who are as yet being taken shots at, the individuals who fear being taken shots at, those being shot at by individuals being taken shots at or individuals apprehensive they may be taken shots at, the dead, poor people, the plebs, the working classes and the large numbers of slaves that are fundamental for the presence of any incredible, illuminated human progress.

This zenith of many years of composed difficult work by Imperial Agencies like the Drugus Addictus, the Media Hysteria, the Dubius Economix and the consecrated clerics of the Emperor’s darling Temple of Psychobabbylon, has laid out an Empire just as commendable as Caligula’s Rome, besides with drugs.

Plans are astir to unite these additions and to convey these to completion I will depend vigorously, as I have been told, upon a portion of the country’s most powerful organizations.

Among these are the previously mentioned Pharmacopeia and its organization of pharmacists and dispensaries (Britannia branch) under the aegis of head supervisor Oblivius Senslus, the eminent innovator of youngster doping. Mr. Senslus reported as of late designs to significantly increase the benefits of the Temple of Pharmacopeia and stretch out its participation to remember everyone for the territory from birth. As you most likely are aware the Pharmacopeia’s part in facilitating the royal idyll of a land luxuriating in the brilliant quietness and idleness of the cemetery has been chivalrous.

The Pharmacopeia’s sister association, the Hoaxacopeia, a part of the Temple Psychobabbylon of the goddess Dementia, is likewise making comparable, facilitated steps forward. Her consecrated minister, Devius Lunatix, as of late reported distribution of a How to join the illuminati strong book which is intended to help the Pharmacopeia in conveying forward its central goal of “Euphorium et Oblivium,” while rounding up the sesterce. The Tome is entitled the DSM, the Diagnostix et Statistix Mendacicon, and records north of 3,000,000 “agues of the mind” which must be restored by giving the victim a lot of the pills and elixirs produced by the Pharmacopeia, the purported Serius Sideffex I referenced before. For this assistance the Pharmacopeia has guaranteed the Hoaxacopeia a “delicious cut of the benefits.”

I’ve had a see of this new blessed book and it is something of a shocker I can tell you. It is written in wording so straightforward nearly anybody can comprehend it, gave they have had twelve years of preparing at the Hoaxucopeia’s Academy of Ludicrus Fibs.

It is exceptionally obvious from a fast look through the heavenly book that the land is in the grasp of a plague that torments the cerebrum (known as “Chemicus Imbalens”) and which has previously contaminated nearly everyone, for hardly an individual in the land (aside from the clerics of the Temple of Dementia clearly) doesn’t have the side effects of at least one of the “agues” recorded in the book. Such agues include:

The Vapors,

The Fevers,

The Humors,

Depressium (Marked by a sensation of being exhausted, endured to a great extent by devotees of Televisium)


Possessium Demonix

Bondage Resistance Disorder

Infantium Irritatum (acting whimsically – for the most part endured by kids)


Math device

Bash Disorder (powerlessness to go into the soul of things at public occasions like blow-outs, executions and stonings).

Sandalium Nervosum (wearing shoes)


Luckily for us all the Pharmacopeia incidentally turned out to be available with the full array of its Serius Sideffex. Discuss a fortunate turn of events!

Much more luckily, the clerics of the Temple of Dementia have been dealing with really state of the art research and have fostered a part of sorcery known as Bunkum by which the future emotional well-being of kids can be precisely divined by analyzing the cerebrums of dead monkeys. With this new innovation they have had the option to precisely anticipate that all kids should be calmed by the age of four (Docilis Infantium) and the regarded Devius Lunatix has informed me that copius assets should be approaching from the Treasury in order to guarantee compulsory treatment is accessible to them forever (Medicatium promotion Delirium).

There are the individuals who claim anyway that there is neither verification nor science behind any of the agues in the DSM, that Devius Lunatix and his associates made them up in order to convince the majority to go “calmly and without fight into the moldable territory of Oblivium.”

To reprimand this claim, I can honestly say that I asked the ministers and mages of Dementia about it and they have all guaranteed me, hand on heart, their distribution is without a doubt founded on truth and science and that they will allow me to have their examination notes right when they de-kludge the workplace and track down them.

Indeed, that is sufficient for me. I am nevertheless a layman in issues of the mind all things considered and should believe the astute heads the sovereign has requested me to trust. Assets will hence be made accessible for the psychological cleanliness of the region.

The program is now in progress and delivering marvelous enhancements in the psychological wellness of the Britons, as indicated by the commonplace organization Disingenuus Statistix and as bore witness to by a sensational expansion in the quantity of individuals taking their medicine and a decrease in the utilization of additional costly, unlawful medications.

Which carries me to one more matter of concern: the shocking new doctrines that are clearing the area and working individuals up into declining to medicate their kids and loading mockery upon each expression of the Media Hysteria.

Such hazardous beliefs as the Nutritium and Dianetix are all over and a bit excessively well known for the Emperor’s enjoying. They take steps to upset totally the Imperial projects so preferred by the Emperor and his Illuminati, some of which I have insinuated here and which on the whole are known by the designation “Slumbrus Acquiesens.”

We can’t have individuals recently going around weakening the norm by unreliably throwing groundbreaking thoughts regarding helter skelter, regardless of whether they appear to be legit – and particularly ones that subvert the Pharmacopeia and Hoaxacopeia in their endeavors to bring in cash for the Temple of Dementia, of which the Emperor himself and his pals are, as you most likely are aware – or if nothing else thought – the essential investors. I ask individuals along these lines not to pay attention to logical contentions or accept all that they witness for themselves, nor to depend on their own presence of mind or great judgment in the event that they might perhaps keep away from it, for such way of behaving, being recorded in the DSM under “Ipso Facto” (a propensity to put together one’s decisions with respect to realities) will doubtlessly cause them problems, assuming you get my drift………

The heads of these new cliques, for example, the scandalous Doous Afava and the irritating Sensibal Dietts will before long be brought to book and reprimanded for their instigating ways, likely by being nailed to the tree that stands in the primary square of the Forum.

We have in this country as you most likely are aware a fine custom of free discourse and that right ought not be misjudged by a dishonest touch of rationale to infer opportunity of activity. Individuals can talk all they like, gave they do so discreetly and don’t accept they reserve a privilege to get things done, like distributing books or tending to crowds.

While we are regarding that matter, let me let go the unjustifiably precise reactions evened out by the previously mentioned Sensibal Dietts at the Hoaxucopeia’s Chemicus Imbalens hypothesis. The legitimacy of said hypothesis has been demonstrated consistently by a series of ads in the Media Hysteria and, plus, it was created by long periods of exploration at the lifted up Academy of Ludicrus Fibs which, being an exceptionally amazing structure with bunches of books in it, isn’t actually to be addressed by anybody with an eye on his political vocation.

Courageous by the mind-boggling weight of advertising for the Chemicus Imbalens hypothesis, Mr. Sensibal perseveres with his unending and vociferous bemoaning and groaning and tedious cries of “where’s the proof?”

Proof, clearly, has nothing to do with it except for Mr. Sensibal has demanded calling attention to, subversively, that an assessment of the cerebrums of cadavers during later “studies” at his maverick Academy at Betta Thanpils, uncovered that the minds of an exorbitant number of inhabitants of the Province are defiled by high dosages of toxic substances like lead, mercury, cadmium, strontium and wine – also medicates – and frequently shine in obscurity.

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