Airsoft Gun Stages – Cheap Spring Airsoft Guns, Electric Airsoft Guns and Gas Airsoft Guns

 Airsoft Gun Stages – Cheap Spring Airsoft Guns, Electric Airsoft Guns and Gas Airsoft Guns

This is a review of the stages by price of Airsoft Guns. You can find any model of airsoft gun imaginable, there are replicas of almost every real gun out there, pistols, revolvers .458 socom ammo , shotguns, rifles, and even grenades and mines.

First we have cheap airsoft guns, which does not refer to quality but to the price of the guns and their upkeep. Cheap airsoft usually mean Spring Airsoft Guns which don’t require additional propellant or battery to shoot the bbs or paintballs, this makes the guns cheaper to use. This is the best choice when first starting out in airsoft, so you can see if you like airsoft guns. The lower quality spring guns are usually priced under $6, but if you spend around $10, then you are getting a quality cheap airsoft gun. The only down side to spring guns is that they are single fire, cock to shoot guns.

Next there are Electric airsoft guns, which require batteries and the key to electric guns is to be sure it comes with rechargeable batteries and recharger. These guns are little more in price but still can be purchased anywhere from $15 to over $150. The electric guns have 3 levels low powered, medium powered and regular AEGs. The levels are based on the size of the battery, which affects the rate of fire and how long between charges. Low powered or mini electrics use AAA or 9 volt batteries. Most can shoot semi and/or full auto.

Last and best are Gas airsoft guns, these are great effortless guns powered by CO2, or green/red gas. Most shoot semi and full auto, gas airsoft guns are the most realistic in terms of their operation, since real firearms are gas operated. Many of them incorporate a blowback or recoil feature that makes the action of the gun realistic. Gas guns are more expensive than spring or electric, because they are higher quality guns and require gas which must be purchased.

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