Security Guard Responsibilities

Guarding and serving people, security guards are the direct target for theft prevention. Working on a number of job duties such as patrolling property and inspecting it, they will also be guarding against fire, terrorism, break-ins and criminal activities. Security guards are often the first on the scene to defend their employer’s residence, deter criminal situations and assure that laws are enforced on the home and property close protection companies. Proper security training is the starting point towards becoming a future guard.

The Most Common Types of Security Guards | Security Career Tracks

Making use of radio and telephone communications, security officers spend their shifts ready to make a call for assistance in case of a fire or emergency medical issue. Any incident that occurs on each work shift is recorded in a log book or printed in a thorough document that highlights their observations and the situations that transpired in their shift. At specific places, security guards may need to interview witnesses or even testify in a courtroom.

Even though the profession can certainly be described in basic terms, the size and location of the organization can decide what responsibilities a security officer may be expected to do on a regular basis. This assortment of tasks is commonly addressed during guard card training.

Many shopping centers and theatres recently have chosen to employ a protection team to monitor the parking lots and give protection to customers from theft. With a department store, a security officer may aid in apprehending shoplifters and protecting the cash register deposit.On the other hand are the security officers trusted with protecting a property. These individuals may be needed to monitor closed-circuit television cameras or stroll around the property at nighttime.

Guards at these areas will need to know all of the frequent guests to the premises and detain illegal violators who do not belong in the area. Just like this job, security guards within a medical center or court setting are frequently expected to check out inbound people and stop criminals from entering. Using technical devices and metal detectors, all these guards can examine site visitors for explosives and guns.

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