Want to Draw Cartoons? Start With Pencil and Paper

Electronic computers are amazing piece of equipment. These days we cannot think of our life without computers. Even in the arena of arts and crafts computer has undeniable influence. Today we are watching movies that would not have been possible to make without computers.

The 3d modeling and animation software, the editing and special effect software are all have changes the field of movie making. Same holds true for the field of TV episodes. The fields of jewelry design, car design, apparel design almost any field of human activity you can think of you will find deep influence of computer technology.

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To tell the truth cartoon making is not the previous self that it was used be before computers เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์. Today we see cartoon shows that are amazingly fluent and accurate in delivering the massage. The time taken to create a full cartoon movie has come down drastically. That is why we find many new channels are cropping up that dish out only cartoon shows. Meeting the demands of these content hungry channels would not have been possible but for computers.

But still I do not advocate for usage of computers for beginners. I know if computers are used the kid may start to produce drawing that be decent to look at from the very beginning. But that is not reason enough to start with a computer.

At the outset you should be using pencil and paper to create your drawings. That will help you to know the art intimately. You will be able to control the lines you create in much better way when you get somewhat used to the whole process. Computer makes your work too easy from the beginning to be good for you.

If you study the workflow of various cartoon production houses you will find for 2D cartoon shows artist first make all their frames on paper then they scan those to load them in computer disc. After that computer software is used for final editing and color applying etc.

Even if you look at 3D production houses you will see the same story there as well. They never use their computer to create the characters and environment directly. First detailed figures are prepared by 2d artists then those figures scanned and loaded into computers and then the 3D modeler put the image in the backplane of a 3D modeler. Lastly using splines over the figure 2D shape is created where from ultimate the 3D model is prepared.

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