WoW Hunter – World of Warcraft Hunter Class Advantages and Abilities

WoW Hunter Class is the only ranged weapons Class in the game. Unlike other MMORPG’s like Everquest, the Hunter Class in WoW does not have very strong melee. They are specialized almost exclusively for ranged weapons. They also have pets and they can be invaluable to the survival of a Hunter in combat situations because it can be used as a tank. This allows the Hunter to stay out of range of attack, free to use it’s ranged weapons without fear of reprisal. Hunters are the only Class that can name and feed their pets. Feeding pets allows the “happiness” attribute 7.62×39 ammo for sale to increase which in turn increases the pet’s damage ability.

Hunter’s have a choice of ranged weapons – gun, bow, or crossbow. What you start off with depends on your race. Draenei start off with crossbows, Dwarves and Tauren with guns, and all others get bows. You can train to use the weapons you don’t start with. You can get higher DPS ammo or arrows as you level up. Hunters also use nature based poison called Stings. They are tipped to ammo and provide a variety of debilitating effects. There are four Hunter Stings: Scorpid Sting – Reduces your chance of getting hit by attack; Serpent Sting – Nature damage to target; Viper Sting – Drains targets mana; Wyvern Sting – Target sleeps for 12 seconds.

It’s a quite well known fact that a pen is mightier than sword. But unfortunately a mighty pen can not help you when you are deep into the jungle, into the dense woods full of wild creatures. Many kinds of weapons are used for hunting ranging from rifles, bows, crossbows, air guns, pistols, barrels, etc. But all these weapons need some kind of ammo. When they are short of their load these weapons become useless. In such times knives come in handy. Knives don’t need any kind of ammo or battery. Knives just need a right handler. Knives can be used as deadly as any other weapon.

There are some factors that make a good knife. Among them the most important factor is the blade. The blade of a knife should be at least 5-6 inches long and very sharp. A sharp knife obeys well more than a rough one.  Another factor which determines the quality of a knife is the handle. The handle should be large enough to comfortably hold the knife. The handle should also be provided with proper grip. Without proper grip, the knife will slip off from the hand. Knives can be used in hunting when the hunter is close to the game (the hunted species). When the hunter is close to the game, using of hunting gears like guns, rifles, etc., would be inconvenient and also they could cause damage to the hunter. So the best weapon to use at such times is the knife.

When using a knife the hunter should be more careful. Even a slight slip could hurt the hunter in turn. While hunting using a knife, some kind of technique is to be followed. Remember, when the hunter is close to the game, the game is also close to the hunter. Therefore the hunter should be more attentive to the movements of the game and quick in response. When using knives for hunting, the hunter should first attack the vital parts of the game. A small research should be made about the game before involving in hunting. So that it will be easier to trap and hunt down the game.

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